About us and the idea

Hello dear Camino enthusiasts! 

At the moment there is hardly a pilgrim who is not already on his new Camino with heart and vision but could not go this year! And how many "new pilgrims" were looking forward to their first Camino!

We comforted ourselves with films, books, recipes and memories ... and wait until we can finally start walking again.

But what if many of the small hostels simply cannot survive this difficult time financially and cannot reopen?

What is a Camino without hostels?

So my idea was born, not only to collect money for the hostels, but to include the direct engagement of producing artists! Each of these artists produces something that is directly related to the Jacob's Pilgrim and so it is not just a product you buy, but the Camino spirit is involved. 

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We offer you both types of support:

Buying a product and we give you a part or you give directly your gift of money - which seems better to you.

Each artist introduces himself on his artist page with a video, so you know exactly from whom you buy something.

On the hostel page you can watch the introduction videos of the Hospitaleros.

We would be happy if you like our initiative, if you want to distribute it and if you want to support this project.

With pilgrim greetings from the Via de la Plata!

Dorothea Knophius


© 2020 by Dorothea Knophius

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