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We would like to point out that the support of the hostels results from the waiver of sales by the artists / providers / service providers / participants of this campaign.

Buyers buy an item, sellers / providers donate part of the amount received. The benefits resulting from the purchase of an item or their forwarding to the hostels can be viewed if necessary.



The website owner will forward your orders directly to the seller you have selected and you will receive a confirmation email. By submitting the form, you confirm that you agree to the data processing rules below.


3. The website owner provides the information about the products, but assumes no liability and responsibility for the delivery of the products, their quality and everything that has to do with the direct purchase and the product.


Exceptions to this are the own products of the website owner and at the same time seller of the products under DOROTHEA KNOPHIUS.



All rights for the uploaded photos

are available from Dorothea Knophius or


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