Garry McDougall 

As a veteran of the countless Camino's, I have written eight or nine books on my experiences.

Short stories, poetica and travelogue.

I have been inspired by pilgrim enthusiasm, and their fraternal spirit. Nothing quite like it. And the people along the Way, in its villages and alberges have a long history and tradition of welcome that the world so needs. My books share with you all the themes emerging from research and experience.


Please help out those people who now find themselves in distress.

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Pilgrimage Series 1-5

e-book:  "Along The Way"

€ 4.00 - € 3 de esto va a la olla de donación


The Way of St James. Camino de Santiago. The Way. The Camino. The world's oldest pilgrimage path, and its most prolific author. A lyrical, poetic account of the journey, fellow pilgrim and its towns, villages and cities: Pamplona, Belorado, Palas de Rey, Arzua, Santiago, St Jean, Figeac, Decazeville, Le Puy-en-Valey, Conques, St Domingo, San Sebastian, Leon, Burgos, Triacastela and more. And, yes. There is the suffering, the mishaps, the humour and the delights. It's a guide to inspiration.

Pilgrims story

e-book:  "Knowing Simone"

€ 4.00 - € 3 de esto va a la olla de donación


 It's the time of Victor Hugo when dynamite replaces duels.

Patriceis a 23 yr old on-the-run. Employed by mine-owner SimoneBeaufort, 36, in Gothic Lectoure, he is fascinated with her connections with his father and a mute scribe, Claude.

As Simone and Patrice's liaison develops, her shocking situation becomes apparent. Caught in her erotic web of passion and perversity, he struggles to understand her ambitions and her mysterious connections to Paris and Napoleon III's government. Becoming part of her enterprise to develop a new coal mine using the new Dyna-mite, he also assumes a range of false identities, unwittingly discovering the workings of Napoleon III’s French Empire.

Holding secrets from each other, he and Simone form an unlikely alliance involving Parisian lawyer LeonGambetta, local patisserie, MarieCreche and the ten-year-old town waif, Mimi. No one knows who the local gendarme, Mr. Hambouff, supports, but the return of Minister Jessaibrings matters to a head, climaxing with a torrent of intrigue, murder and betrayal that sets the town alight.

Pilgrims story

e-book:  "Blacksmith and Canon"

€ 4.00 - € 3 de esto va a la olla de donación


Archaeologists discover the Viviers Journals, and finally a first volume is published as Blacksmith and Canon.

It’s 1503, contemporary to Niccolo Machiavelli, Michaelangelo, and Martin Luther. Niccolo would soon write the ground-breaking The Prince, Martin Luther's Protestant Reformation lay just ahead.

A blacksmith-storyteller, Louis d’St Martin, brought before a severe Canon-Magistrate, is accused of three murders. But with one insight, and a wealth of experience, he strikes a bargain where only one will survive.

Their journey involves three knights, six archers, the Canon’s scribe, Martel, and a Neapolitan family, including Rosalonda, and the anatomist, Semla. Louis entertains them with tales that offend the Canon but beguiles the others. There’s time for love, music, humour and storytelling amongst the murder, mayhem and betrayal of knights and Canon.Inspired by Shakespeare, Don Quixote and Name of the Rose.


© 2020 by Dorothea Knophius

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