Emilio Honrado

My name is Emilio.

I've walked the Camino a few times. Some routes several times completely.

Corona surprised me in the middle of my Via de La Plata. Also the planned opening of my hostel on the coastal way fell into the water.

Luckily I live in Germany, but I am very sympathetic to the hostels on Caminos and by participating in this campaign, I would like to help the hostels in Spain with my cartoons and your donation.

I manufacture

  • Personalized figures made of polymer clay based on photos .

  • Book spine for your diary / pilgrim book

  • 3-D wall pictures of your favorite places

My figures / caricatures are often ordered as a surprise gift for weddings or a life partner / friend

(see below for more examples)

All objects are made only once and therefore unique.

The glass bells for the figures are engraved with your name.

All work is done manually without the aid of equipment.

Article number: Emilio-Figuren-2020-800



for hanging up or as spine

Material: plastelina / size: 24/17 cm


Price € 36.00 (+ shipping 6.00 in Germany

off it goes € 6.00 in the donation pot

Article number: Emilio-Figuren-2020-801




As above!

Article number: Emilio-Figures-2020-802



As above!

Article number: Emilio-Figuren-2020-803



As above!

Definitely something very special and personal for the enthusiastic pilgrim!


Article number: Emilio-Figuren-2020-810


Caricatures based on photos

Unique / desired motif


colored modeling clay
Size: 18 cm
with certificate of authenticity + bell +

pilgrim pass



Price € 260.00 including shipping in Germany

off it goes € 50,00 into the donation pot

Beim Anklicken  Vollbild


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