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Tobias introduces himself / caminostone

Get your way home now if you're not allowed to walk it and help the hostels to bridge the time when they have to wait for you.


Your own milestone from the Camino! Whether as a souvenir or to look forward to, whether in the garden or in the office, this is the stone you like to have in/on the way ;-)

Article number: Tobias-ST-500



Made of glass fiber plastic with a high quality natural stone surface.
Handmade, weatherproof, suitable for outdoor use.



The model, the direction of the arrow and the text of the inscription are discussed individually with Tobias Küpper.


You can find more pictures of happy pilgrims at and



Dimensions approx .:

height: 82cm

Width: 40cm

Depth: 25 cm

Weight: approx. 7-8kg


Price 279, - € incl. VAT plus shipping, of which 50.00 € go into the donation pot


For those who just have to cope with the fact that they broke off or did not start and will not do so again this year, or those who just need some time out, walking and talking, feeling nature, clearing their head, relaxing and/or want to develop themselves.

Article number: Tobias-ST-510


With Jakopfsweg - Coaching to go, Tobias Küpper has been offering classic, systemically integral life and business coaching in Jakobs and other ways for 5 years. We know how differently the head works when walking outside. This has an incredible effect in and on the coaching process.


Tobias simply takes advantage of this and thus provides lasting help in problem solving, reorientation, burn-out risk and personality development. In bad weather, when someone cannot or does not want to walk, the Way of St. James is also available in rooms, or online in video chat, individually or in groups. Further information on and

Prices individually after consultation (according to topic, duration and scope of the coaching work)


20% of the coaching price goes into the donation pot

Weitere Bilder  glücklicher Pilger  findet auf und,

und mehr INformationen zum "Coaching to go" auf und


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